Lauri Novak’s Holiday Photography Tips

Happy Holidays from the OOC crew!

Our very own, Lauri Novak, has some great tips for capturing those magical holiday shots!

*Think outside of the gift-wrapped box.  Have you seen those cardboard glasses that make your tree lights look like mini snowmen, Santas or Christmas trees?  Use them as a filter!  Hold or tape them in front of your lens.  The results are really fun!

lauri novak 2

*‘Tis the season of bokeh!  Is it cliché’, sure.  Is it pretty, you bet!  Pay attention to your DOF to get the best results.  Experiment with lights, ornaments and of course the glass of champagne or two.


*Go small.  See details.  Get out that macro lens, extension tubes or try the reverse lens mount macro method.

lauri novak

*Don’t forget to get outside!  The lights in combination with the snow, if you’re lucky enough to have it, can make some gorgeous results.  Use a tripod for best results at night, move around for different perspectives, and get up close and personal with the snow and lights.  So many options!


*Most of all – have fun and play!  By playing you learn, you’d be surprised but just experimenting and having fun instead of getting all caught up in the technical aspects sometimes give you surprising and amazing results!


All images were shot by Lauri Novak. To see more of her beautiful work, click here.

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